LINK Arkitektur wins contract for the new emergency hospital Västerås

Multiconsult (Oslo: MULTI) fully owned subsidiary LINK Arkitektur AB, in collaboration with Carlstedt Arkitekter AB has been awarded the next phase for the architectural assignment of new emergency hospital in Västerås in Sweden. The contract is with construction company NCC on behalf of Region Västmanland.

5. July 2022

In February 2022 Region Västmanland made the investment decision to implement the new emergency hospital that have a total budget of approximately SEK 6.8 billion (NOK 6.6 billion). LINK Arkitektur and Carlstedt Arkitekter will, together with Region Västmanland and NCC design environments that ensure emergency care and offer safe premises for both patients and staff.

The new emergency hospital will be built to meet future care needs in Västmanland, and in order to ensure the future of specialist healthcare a completely new hospital building will be designed. The hospital is planned to include surgery, X-rays, emergency rooms, delivery, intensive care, care places and clinics. The different buildings will cover approximately 75,000 square meters that will be built on Västerås hospital area.

“This important contract expands our footprint in the design of hospitals. We bring with us experience from both earlier stages and proven solutions from other projects to design a modern hospital that will last over time.” says Li Liljeberg, Deputy Head Architect at LINK Arkitektur. “The fact that we have been entrusted to continue this project is also both quality-assured and efficient – and we are looking forward to the continuation carrying out this work.”

LINK Arkitektur is a leading Scandinavian architectural firm with 471 employees that is involved in large projects across Scandinavia. Over the past decade, LINK has designed over 2.5 million square meters of hospitals in Scandinavia and abroad. Currently working with Västerås Emergency Hospital and Växjö Emergency Hospital, two of Sweden's largest hospital projects as well as Hammerfest Hospital and Drammen Hospital in Norway. The project portfolio of hospitals also includes a patient hotel and a new wing building at Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, a multi award-winning project and the new hospital at Gaustad (nye Rikshospitalet) in Oslo.

The contract value for Link Arkitektur is approximately SEK 40 million (NOK 38.6 million) and will start immediately and last to the first half of 2024. LINK Arkitektur have already delivered on the first phase of the architectural assignment and reference is made to our announced from the 2 Oct. 2019. The start of construction is planned for 2022 and in 2030 the doors will be opened for staff, patients and visitors.


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