Multiconsult ASA – initiate offer to buy back shares

Multiconsult ASA (OSE: MULTI) has decided to initiate a share buyback programme for up to 650 000 own shares in the market to support the company’s employee incentives programmes or as consideration in connection with acquisitions. The buyback will be conducted through a reverse bookbuilding process, with ABG Sundal Collier overseeing the implementation.

4. December 2023

Bookbuilding period:
The bookbuilding period begins immediately and is expected to conclude at 16:30 (CET) today, 4 December 2023. The company retains the right to close or extend the period without further notice.

Sales offers:
Shareholders can submit irrevocable sales offers through ABG Sundal Collier at +47 22 01 60 12. ABG Sundal Collier will accept and accumulate sales orders and standard commissions will apply.

Pro-rata reduction:
In the event that received sales offers exceed 650 000 shares at or below the accepted price by the company, a pro-rata reduction will be performed. All selling shareholders will receive the final purchase price.

Company's rights:
The company reserves the right to buy back fewer shares, terminate the offer, or make amendments to the volume or other terms specified in this offer.

The buyback will be conducted in accordance with the mandate provided by the company's AGM on 13 April 2023. Multiconsult owns a total of 188 851 own shares, corresponding to 0.68% of Multiconsult's share capital.

The buyback programme is carried out in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 ("MAR").

For further information, please contact:
Investor relations:
   Pål-Sverre Jørgensen, Group Treasurer & IRO
   Phone: +47 416 11 161
   E-mail: /

   Gaute Christensen, VP Communications
   Phone: +47 911 70 188