Multiconsult ASA – Proposal for new legal structure

The Board of Multiconsult ASA proposes to establish a new legal structure for the Multiconsult group. The company’s Norwegian operational activities will be demerged and then merged into a wholly-owned subsidiary. The purpose of the new legal structure is to establish a more efficient legal structure for the Multiconsult group.

23. May 2017

The Board of Multiconsult ASA has therefore decided to propose to its shareholders that the company’s business, as defined in a demerger plan dated 15 May 2017, is demerged to the newly established company MC Newco AS, followed by a merger of the business into Multiconsult ASA’s newly established and wholly-owned subsidiary, Multiconsult Norge AS. The merger consideration will be issued by Multiconsult ASA by increasing the nominal value of existing shares in Multiconsult ASA (a so called “group merger”).

The shareholders of Multiconsult ASA will have the same number of shares with the same nominal value in Multiconsult ASA after the new legal structure is established. The equity of Multiconsult ASA will also be the same before and after the transactions. The new legal structure only entails that the Norwegian operational activities, as defined in the demerger plan, will be transferred from Multiconsult ASA to a wholly-owned subsidiary.

The resolutions to establish new legal structure will be presented at extraordinary general meetings of Multiconsult ASA, MC Newco AS and Multiconsult Norge AS on 23 June 2017, and is expected to be completed in the end of August 2017.

The demerger plan and the merger plan is available at the company’s web page,