Multiconsult ASA signs a significant call-off under the Fornebubanen frame agreement with municipality of Oslo (Oslo kommune)

Reference is made to the stock market announcement on 6 September 2017, where Multiconsult announced a frame agreement award with Oslo kommune for Fornebubanen. Multiconsult has signed a call-off for preparation of tender documents for the construction phase for Fornebubanen. The value of the call-off is approximately NOK 105 million for Multiconsult. Work under this call-off has already started and will last until the end of 2019.

11. February 2019

The Fornebubanen development will take place as an agency collaboration between the Oslo kommune and Akershus fylkeskommune (Akershus county municipality). The agency is responsible for the construction of the Fornebubanen subway line, which will stretch between Oslo and Fornebu. The subway line development will also have the capacity to include future traffic growth, help reduce traffic load in the Oslo area and facilitate urban development along the route. Furthermore, the development will be an attractive and reliable offer in an integrated part of the subway network in Oslo, as well as strengthen the already established collective hubs.

Multiconsult, with 50 % in a joint venture with Cowi, provides engineering services from pre-design until the completion of infrastructure, as well as any subsequent work. In addition to the design of the entire subway line with infrastructure, the contract includes design of workshop – and deposit-base infrastructure, all subway stations, and the track-connection to Majorstuen hub.

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