Multiconsult – order of new drilling vessel

Multiconsult (Oslo: MULTI) has a leading position in the ground survey market both at sea and on land. After the accident with one of our drilling vessels in January 2022, Multiconsult has chosen to replace it with a new build. A new specially designed catamaran for our operations has now been ordered and planned to be completed and ready for operation during the first half of 2024. This newly developed vessel will be a total of 24 metres and has an estimated cost of around NOK 60 million.

19. April 2023

Over several decades Multiconsult Norge AS has developed and run specialised drilling vessel to carry out these operations throughout the coastal zone in Norway. Multiconsult holds a leading position in this "small-scale" drill ships for nearshore operations. As designer and planner in many projects in the coastal zone and at sea, this investment will complement to the wide range of projects available for Multiconsult including port developments, industrial projects, transport projects, aquaculture development and floating facilities that require anchor locations. The new drilling vessel will be larger and faster than earlier vessels and have better operating economics, providing opportunities for a variety of investigations in a wider geographical area.

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