Multiconsult signs call-off options for the new Rikshospitalet and Aker hospital

Multiconsult ASA's (Oslo: MULTI) fully owned subsidiary Multiconsult Norge AS has signed call-off options for the construction of two new hospitals in Oslo, Norway. 

29. March 2023

The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (NO: Helse Sør-Øst RHF) has awarded Multiconsult Norge AS call-off with option for detailed planning and construction phase of the new Rikshospitalet, the national hospital in Oslo. Multiconsult has earlier been awarded the contract with option for this phase of work, reference is made to stock exchange announcement of 13 July 2020. The contract includes all disciplines in the line of work. Multiconsult ASA’s fully owned subsidiary LINK Arkitektur AS, as well as Fabel Arkitekter AS and Bølgeblikk Arkitekter AS are subcontractors in the contract. In total, the new Rikshospitalet will consist of approximately 150 000 square meters and will include regional and national specialties health care in addition to local hospital functions.

In parallel, The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (NO: Helse Sør-Øst RHF), has also awarded the contract for the next phase of new Aker hospital located in Oslo Norway to an engineering team including Multiconsult Norge AS. The contract is awarded to the engineering group Team Aker ANS which consist of Sweco Norge AS, RATIO arkitekter AS, Arkitema Architects AS and Multiconsult Norge AS. Multiconsult gained this contractual position through the acquisition and integration of Erichsen & Horgen AS in 2021. Multiconsult will contribute with consultancy services in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air condition), building automation, fire & safety, building physics, environment and water & sewage.

The contracts have a total value of approximately NOK 1 070 million for Multiconsult and will have an immediate impact on Multiconsult consolidated order backlog. Work will commence immediately and will last for a period of 7-8 years.

“We are looking forward to contributing in the next phase of the construction of the two new hospitals in Oslo. Multiconsult will have a leading role in the development of the new Rikshospitalet, where we will use our competence and contribute in creating an excellent hospital for the users and the society. In addition, we look forward to contribute together with partners in the new development of the new Aker hospital”, says Geir Juterud, Executive Vice President Projects of Multiconsult ASA.

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