Multiconsult wins new design contract for Bane NOR

Multiconsult (Oslo: Multi) has been awarded a contract from Bane NOR for work to be executed on a main railway line in Norway. Multiconsult is set to prepare the detailed design and zoning plan for a total of four sub-projects on the existing railway line between Oslo and Eidsvoll.

13. November 2023

The first sub-project is at Jessheim railway station, including an extension of the existing passing loop, designing a new fly-over bridge, improvements to station accessibility and universal design. As an option, a second sub-project involves designing new double tracks between Jessheim and Nordby stations. The third sub-project aims to design a new timber terminal at Hauerseter to optimise timber transport by rail, with an anticipated yearly transshipment of 300 000 m3 between trucks and trains. The fourth sub-project includes demolishing the existing Dal level crossing and designing a new fly-over bridge.

The contract also includes options regarding preparation of tender basis, construction plans, follow-up during construction and as-built documentation.

These projects align well with Multiconsult’s core business and is an important contract for the business area Mobility and Transportation. The project will be managed by an experienced team from Multiconsult. The design will start immediately, with the major design spanning until first half 2025, and the construction is planned to be completed in 2028/2029.

The contract value to Multiconsult is estimated to approximately NOK 45 million.The design work will be remunerated based on hourly rates.

For further information, please contact:
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