Multiconsult’s subsidiary LINK arkitektur wins major school project in Fredrikstad

LINK arkitektur, in collaboration with Multiconsult and Griff arkitektur as subcontractors, has won a major contract with Østfold County Council (Østfold fylkeskommune) for the New Fredrik II high school. In addition, the contract includes options for a new ice skating hall for Fredrikstad municipality (Fredrikstad kommune). The contract value is still under negotiation and includes significant options. Work will begin November 2019 and is planned to be completed in 2023.

29. October 2019

Østfold fylkeskommune plans to build a New Fredrik II high school (nye Fredrik II videregående skole) for 1 500 students with a gross area of 16 000 square meters and a sports hall with gross area of 8 700 square meters. Also Fredrikstad kommune plans to build a new ice skating hall (Arena Fredrikstad ishall) with two ice surfaces and a gross area of 16 000 square meters.  

LINK arkitektur, Multiconsult and Griff arkitektur have put together a strong multidisciplinary team for the large school project with concept name CAMPUS. The main concept for CAMPUS is to establish good urban spaces where nature and culture mix together and provide space for activities and socialisation, creating a vibrant and active city district in Fredrikstad.

For further information, please contact:
   Investor relations:
        Mirza Koristovic, Head of Investor Relations and Finance
        Phone: +47 938 70 525

        Gaute Christensen, VP Communications
        Phone: +47 911 70 188