Update of contract with Vestfold Hospital Trust

Oslo, 13 March 2017 – In reference to the stock market announcement on 20 May 2016 - The CURA group, with Multiconsult ASA and LINK arkitektur as partners, has together with the contractor Skanska signed the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contract with Vestfold Hospital Trust for the new Tønsberg Hospita

13. March 2017

Total scope for the CURA group and estimated share of the contract value for the Multiconsult group has increased, which has resulted in an extension of the existing contract of approximately NOK 45 million for the Multiconsult group.

The new Tønsberg hospital consists of a new psychiatry building with a gross area of approximately 12 000 square meters and a somatic building with a gross area of 33 000 square meters connected to current infrastructure. In addition, adaptation of public infrastructure, energy facilities and demolition of existing hospital buildings will be done. The psychiatry building is planned to be completed in late 2019 and the somatic building in 2021.

The CURA group consists of Multiconsult ASA, Hjellnes Consult AS, Erichsen & Horgen AS, LINK Arkitektur AS, Henning Larsen Architects, and Bølgeblikk Architects AS.

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   Investor relations:
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      E-mail: ir@multiconsult.no

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